Webcrafters: Tree huggers since 1960

At Webcrafters, we've been incorporating sustainability into our process for years. In fact, our efforts started way back in 1960. Today, we take every action possible to improve our environmental impact, from minor details to major changes.

Here's what we're doing right now:

  • Retro-fitting office areas with LED lighting
  • Conducting Lean Processes on selected equipment in the Press Room and Bindery
  • Member of the Wisconsin Sustainable Business Network
  • Attending Sustain Dane organization meetings to learn best practices from our peers
  • Conducting in-house, one-on-one health coaching sessions and other wellness initiatives

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Sustainability Certified, Inc. is certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®). No matter which sustainable forestry certification you use, we can help you publish with certified papers.


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1960: Initiated company recycling program

1963: Central baling system installed to bale and recycle bindery trim

1968: Started baling press signatures for recycling

1970: Installed first grinder for signatures

1972: Began recycling all printing plates and scrap metal

1982: Passive solar panels installed in Westport plant to assist with heat load

1982: 1.2 million gallon water reservoir installed under Westport facility for fire sprinkler reserve

1983: Began using a geothermal system using the 1.2 million gallon water reservoir to cool presses

1985: Started recycling all waste ink

1988: Unusable pallets recycled

1990: Began replacing motors with variable speed motors/drives

1992: High-efficiency Regenerative ThermalOxidizer (RTO) installed to handle press emissions

1995: Upgraded compressors with energy-efficient compressors and dryers.

1997: Changed boilers from oil to more efficient natural gas.

1999: Enrolled in wind power program from our utility company at highest level offered

2001: Installed second Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

2002: Replaced styrofoam in cartons with corrugated filler for all production operations

2004: Started recycling punch "dots" to avoid thousands of pounds going to the landfill

2004: Began replacing lights with high-efficiency ballasts and bulbs

2005: Installed third Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO)

2005: Expanded handling capabilities to include 50" rolls to increase transporting efficiency

2006: Added chemistry recycling process in plate room

2007: Began recycling 100% of metal and plastic binding material

2008: Appointed Sustainability Manager

2009: Became FSC® and SFI® certified

2010: Installed company-wide HVAC DDC system controls

2011: Installed variable drive controls for center baling system

2012: Became SGP certified

2012: We conducted an energy study of the company using a Third party auditor, moved and remodeled the whole prepress and customer service area with the latest lighting and HAVC controls. 

2013: We removed and replaces 200 light fixtures in the Hand Bindery

2014: We replaced all the outside lighting at Westport with LED lighting, replaced all the office lighting in the Accounting and Billing areas with LED fixtures,  Replaced another 192 lighting fixtures in the Machine bindery.

2015: We replaced another 180 lighting fixtures in the Machine Bindery, replaced all the South office areas lights with LED light fixtures, and replaced the rest of the North office areas (Hallways and Bathrooms) with LED light fixtures.

2016: We participated in a Demand Limiting study with Focus on Energy, MG&E, and our trade ally, and replaced all the South office training rooms and hallways with LED lighting. 

2017: We are working on upgrading the HVAC building automation system at our Westport plant.   

Webcrafters employee standing next to the trunk of a tree with fall colors