BRIDGE by Webcrafters

Better Conversions / Better Results

Integrating Variable Data Printing with Digital Communication Strategies 

Providing the Service, Strategy, and Expertise to:

  • Launch and Refine Personalized Catalog Campaigns Utilizing Integrated Print and Digital Components
  • Generate Higher Response Rates, Increase Conversion and Improve Your ROI
  • Optimize Your Marketing Investment  

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The Power of Personalized Catalog Campaigns ... Simplified

Personalized Print and Digital Marketing Made Easy

Every catalog company today understands the importance of providing both online and printed catalog options to address customer research patterns and purchasing behavior. Many are facing these growing problems:

  • Keycodes and matchbacks have become less effective for tracking and providing insight.
  • No connection between print and other channels.
  • “Blind spend” on postage/printing with no direct attribution.
  • Tried personalization and was not successful.
  • Special offer/generic websites do not track individual customers.

Digital enhancements to catalog marketing addresses these issues. However, because of the expense and expertise required, integrating the benefits of personalized data captured online into printed assets was available only to companies with deep enough pockets, human resources and technology.

Until now ... Webcrafters created Bridge to provide catalogue publishers with a simple, economical path to leveraging their client data to increase response rates and revenue.

Put Bridge™ by Webcrafters to Work for You

Bridge puts the power of your invaluable customer data to work for you with Personalized Catalog Campaigns that combine VDP and digital communication strategies. As a result, Bridge enables you to enhance your sales process; better influence, monitor, and measure customer behavior; and improve business outcomes.

With Bridge by Webcrafters, you get the technological advancements you need in variable data printing, postal tracking and digital communications to give you as much power and marketing strength as your largest competitors.


Measurably Improving Your Catalog Performance

The Customer Experience: Four Strategically Targeted and Timed Contacts

Over the span of about a week,your customer will receive your catalog, an email triggered by the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB), an email urging them to review the content of your catalog, and another in the event they don’t respond. And, of course, everything points your customer to their personalized landing page.

Results You Can Measure

Your customer benefits from a customized catalog shopping experience based on demonstrated buying patterns and preferences. In turn,you are able to track and monitor your customer’s responses and refine your offerings in future Personalized Catalog Campaigns.


White Glove Service from Webcrafters

How may we help you?

Webcrafters developed Bridge as a white glove service to provide you with as little or as much support as you need to market your business across all of the print and digital channels used by your customers. Bridge helps you manage the process of strategy and content creation to meet your goals efficiently and effectively.

Webcrafters: Personable. Experienced. Dedicated.

Webcrafters is a family-owned printing company with more than a century of proven industry leadership, combining state-of-the-art technology, strong and supportive suppliers, and employees committed to giving you their very best. Our long legacy of family commitment – integrity, straightforwardness and a lack of bureaucracy – continues to have a powerful effect on our relationships with customers as well as employees, suppliers and the community.






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